Law-related Publications

  • Law  review article author, “The Consequences of Nonappearance,” 30 San Diego Law Review 75 (1993), cited in court decisions & law school textbooks
  • Co-editor & co-author of legal practice manuals & newsletters, including: Understanding the New Immigration Law (MCLE, Inc. 1997); Newcomers’ Legal Guide to Massachusetts (The Massachusetts Bar Institute, 1998); Immigration Practice Manual (MCLE, Inc. 2004); Immigrant/Benefits Advocacy Guide (MLRI/CASLS, 1994); the Immigration Newsletter of the National Immigration Project, 1993-1995
  • Author of law-related articles & publications for lay people and for professionals, e.g., Will Your Financial Situation Affect Your Chances of Becoming a Permanent Resident of the United States? (MLRI, 1999); “Immigrants Face Imminent Deadline,” 7 The Reporter No. 1 (MLAC, 1997); “La Ley de los 7 Años: 7 Mitos y Realidades” [The 7-year Law: 7 Myths and Realities] (MLRI, 1995); “Rescinding In Absentia Deportation Orders,” 2 Practice Advisory No. 6 (AILA, 1992); “Barriers to Belonging: Federal Immigration Law and Policy,” City Issues Vol. VII, No. 1 (1991), &  others.